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PL2303 USB to TTL Serial Adapters

Seems everyone and their dog is getting burned by the fake PL2303’s out there.  After yet another “Code 10” message from a new adapter off Amazon (which according to Prolific means it’s a counterfeit chip), and finding the earlier drivers which fix the message for many people cause random BSODs under Windows 10, I decided to try something different for connecting to my Raspberry Pi’s serial console.

I bought a CP2102-based adapter this time, and it works perfectly 🙂  Note however that there are multiple products based on the CP2102 chip, some may use 5V signalling which isn’t suitable for 3.3v-based comms such as the Raspberry Pi uses.  The one listed here uses 3.3v and ought to work on both 3.3v and 5v equipment.

Buy USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6-Pin CP2102 Serial Converter from Amazon.co.uk

I can’t find the same model on Amazon.com (lots of similar ones, but I can’t tell if they use a 3.3v or 5v signal) – so Google “BTE13-007” to look for this model elsewhere 🙂

NetBeans, Ant, and Jenkins

Getting a NetBeans project with an Ant buildfile to build on Jenkins (or Hudson, and likely many other CI systems) is a pain.  I’m not going to waste time chatting here, lets get straight to the recipe

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Random Inspiration

Something inspired by a discussion on the Paizo boards.  I kinda want to turn this into an RPG setting… or maybe a story.

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Copyright, Trademarks, The Open Game License, and You

From a post I just made on the Paizo forums, which was long, complex, and potentially useful enough that I wanted to reproduce it here.

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Adventures in Speech Synthesis

Can they make audio output on Linux any more complicated?  It appears that even in the 21st century, they can…

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Robot Assembly, Part Two

Motors arrived today, so here’s the prototype chassis assembly in Lego.

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Robot Assembly, Part One

After receiving a few vital components, I was able to start plugging things together today.

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The Great Robot Project: Planning the Software

Initial high-level overview of the project from the software side.  What will be getting done, what choices were made, and why I made them.

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The Great Robot Project: Planning The Electronics

Sat down today to plan out how everything is going to be put together.

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The Great Robot Project: Taking Inventory

Wherein Matt attempts to build a war mech.  Or possibly just a little hobby robot, depending on availability and cost of parts.

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