Random Inspiration

Something inspired by a discussion on the Paizo boards.  I kinda want to turn this into an RPG setting… or maybe a story.

And thus, the people of Earth headed out to the stars, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake. Entire planets left in ruins, as the Empire of Humanity took whatever they wanted from the cosmos and then moved on. In many ways, it was a return to their origins as nomadic tribespeople – not long after leaving their home planet, the Empire split apart – charismatic individuals leading their own people the way they see fit, and with no way for a central government to maintain control over such long distances. Constantly-changing alliances and hostilities between the factions only added to the havoc this race brought to the universe.

I’m envisaging here something like Quarian nomadic fleets, and Humanity moving from planetary orbit to planetary orbit – sucking every planet dry of its resources before moving on to the next, and becoming about as popular as a plague of locusts to the new races they encounter.

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