PL2303 USB to TTL Serial Adapters

Seems everyone and their dog is getting burned by the fake PL2303’s out there.  After yet another “Code 10” message from a new adapter off Amazon (which according to Prolific means it’s a counterfeit chip), and finding the earlier drivers which fix the message for many people cause random BSODs under Windows 10, I decided to try something different for connecting to my Raspberry Pi’s serial console.

I bought a CP2102-based adapter this time, and it works perfectly 🙂  Note however that there are multiple products based on the CP2102 chip, some may use 5V signalling which isn’t suitable for 3.3v-based comms such as the Raspberry Pi uses.  The one listed here uses 3.3v and ought to work on both 3.3v and 5v equipment.

Buy USB 2.0 to TTL UART 6-Pin CP2102 Serial Converter from

I can’t find the same model on (lots of similar ones, but I can’t tell if they use a 3.3v or 5v signal) – so Google “BTE13-007” to look for this model elsewhere 🙂

Beaglebone Black on UK-Localised Windows 8

So I recently got a Raspberry Pi and installed it as my home server, running an external 1TB USB HDD, replacing a full-size PC while hopefully running on a fraction of the power.

I was going to get another to play with robotics ideas, when I discovered the Beaglebone Black – the same basic idea, but it has 2GB of built-in storage and the I/O capabilities of an Arduino too.

The first issue I ran into was with the installation of the ethernet-over-USB driver, which insisted it wasn’t designed for my language.

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Project Kestrel

The Great Experiment can now be revealed.  Codenamed Kestrel, it is the next generation in Virtual Tabletop software, suitable for playing RPGs and Wargames (or pretty much any other game requiring markers moving around) across the Internet, on a LAN, or simply as a GM tool on their own standalone laptop.

More information coming soon.