CMS Hunting

Poking around today trying to find a decent CMS for our new publishing website.  Seems everything I can find has at most 90% of the features needed… You’d really think someone would have solved this by now.

Also, whatever I can find to plug the gap (which is usually due to a lack of integrated forum, to be honest) tends to be completely standalone with zero chance of hooking it up to anything else.  Do these developers think everyone just wants to run their piece of software and nothing else?


Personal Update

So I’ve been a bit more messed up than usual recently.  When stuff like this happens I end up just retreating away from civilisation until things clear up in my head.  Same old pattern, same old mistakes.

Threw myself back into WoW with a passion.  Probably not the best solution, but it keeps me occupied and gives me a reason to get up in the mornings at the moment.  Am currently solo-achievement-whoring my way through the list.

Can’t really face anything more community-orientated than that at the moment.  Sorry to everyone I’ve let down yet again… I just need a bit of time.  Deep down I know retreating isn’t the answer, but it’s difficult to do anything else.


Working. Please Wait.

Those two dreaded words.

“Under Construction”.

Unfortunately they apply here.  Content needs to be imported from the old site over the next few days, so for now there’s not really anything to see here.


You may wish to check out though.

Pretty much everything from the old site is now uploaded once more.