The Great Robot Project: Planning The Electronics

Sat down today to plan out how everything is going to be put together.

The blue items I’ve got, the yellows I need to get.

The core of the system is a BeagleBone Black with a USB hub connected, running a Wifi Dongle for comms and a camera so it can see.  There’s also a LCD Touchscreen that’ll be connected over GPIO, and a memory card slot.

EDIT: In the diagram I’ve listed the BBB as having 2GB RAM.  Of course that should be 512MB, 2GB is the onboard flash storage.

Running off that is an I2C Bus at 3.3v, with the various sensors connected, and then via a 3.3 to 5v LLC to an Arduino Uno responsible for motor control via a motor shield.

Two battery packs provide power, a 5v pack for the circuitry and a 9v for the motors.  So far I like the idea of keeping those separate but I could always go for a single 9v pack and a 5v regulator.

The “brain” will be a Java application running on the BeagleBone, atop a Ubuntu OS.

That’s the plan.  Will be fun to revisit it when everything’s working to see what had to change 🙂


Electronics Assembly

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