A Letter

Dear Mr Tolkien,

Have watched your most excellent movies and read the novelization of them.  Not sure why you added weird Bombadil person, but that isn’t the point of this letter.  Am now playing the RPG.

Am writing to complain about the lack of balance in your party.  Aragorn seems to be a L8 ranger, and Boromir a L8 fighter, while the hobbits are all level 1 unclassed commoners.  Meanwhile Gandalf is L20 mage with partial divinity.  Makes things really unfair when running games with me and my friends as everyone wants to play Gandalf and burn everything with fire.

Moria scene really unrealistic. L20 mage should have lived while the lowbies died.   BTW, please send stats for watcher in the water.

Gimli and Legolas also around L8, but both they and Aragorn much older than Boromir and should have had far more XP.  Whats up with that?

Please supply fixes soon, looking forward to your reply.


D20 Fanatic

PS.  Not enough room on Dwarf character sheet for so many axes.

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