Kerbal Log 2

So today I delivered a bunch of parts up to the MunBase, using KAS containers.

Jebediah moves a parts container around

Jebediah moves a parts container around

There was an extra solar panel, and a couple of extra batteries for the new rover, plus a bunch of other pieces.

All of this got me realizing though, I’m going to have a crapload of debris at the base soon.  While I could just abandon and delete it, I wanted to deal with it more realistically.  I also wanted a means to get new base pieces aligned better…

Enter Infernal Robotics.  This mod adds a bunch of rotating pieces that together with the stock girders and structural pieces and the KAS parts means I’ll be able to build some kind of crane.  Originally I was thinking about a RCS-powered lifter, but that would likely end up being far too unwieldy for docking alignment work, not to mention requiring a ton of fuel to run.  Ground vehicles can run on pure electricity, which I have in infinite supply due to the solar panels.

So, time to design our new crane.  Here’s the requirements:

  • Wide base.  If it topples over, we’re screwed.
  • Lightweight.  We need to get it up there and land it without too much hassle.

Well.  Those two seem to be giving us problems already.  If it isn’t heavy, it

isn’t going to be that stable and is likely to break apart if it lifts wide loads.   Lets put some thought into it, though…  what we really need is an overhead or bridge crane.  That looks somewhat easier to construct with relatively lightweight structural parts.

Here’s the concept design:

Crane Concept

Crane Concept

I can either use KAS strut attachment parts on the crane, or the KAS electromagnet.  The latter allows you to pick up items without an attachment point, so I want that if possible.

Problem.  The electromagnet isn’t researched yet, I need about 900 more science…  sure, I can “cheat” to get it but I enjoy doing things career mode-style.  So, time for another mod as I’m getting a little bored of same old science stuff:

Tarsier Space Technology adds space telescopes (think Hubble) and hard drives for storing science.  Going to see if we can do this with just the telescope part, though.  It’s time to put a space telescope in Kerbin orbit!

I’m going to use a higher orbit than my other satellites.  Not really to avoid hitting them – it’s space after all, and there’s tons of room (famous last words, I expect) – but a higher orbit means a smaller Kerbin, and therefore less chance of it being in the way.


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